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Yippee is a character with indifferent and playful eyes. Yippee, created by the warm hearts of Earth-loving people, is a creature with a soft and shiny body. It is difficult to hide emotions on its own because the shape of appearance varies depending on emotions and situations. Yippee is a messenger who delivers news for the environment and is like a good friend who will work together to protect the Earth.

이피는 무심한 듯 장난기 가득한 눈을 가진 캐릭터이다. 지구를 사랑하는 사람들의 따스한 마음이 모여 만들어진 이피는 말랑말랑하고 반짝이는 몸을 가진 생명체이다. 감정과 상황에 따라 외관의 형태가 달라지는 특징이 있어 스스로 감정을 숨기기 어렵다. 이피는 환경을 위한 뉴스를 전하는 메신저이자 지구를 지키기 위한 활동을 함께 할 좋은 친구 같은 존재이다.

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