yippee box ︎
Smart camping box

‘yippee box’ is a smart camping storage that can charge solar power. Wired and wireless charging functions are added to the top so that users can easily charge electronic devices without bringing in external wires. When the battery is exhausted, additional electricity can be supplied through solar charging. Each colorful plastic part was designed inspired by the story of a box made by cutting down plastic wood. These parts can be easily disassembled and assembled, making it easy to deliver and store, and can be combined according to the user's preference so that unique storage can be created.

이피 박스는 태양열 충전이 가능한 스마트 캠핑 스토리지이다. 사용자가 외부 전선을 끌어오지 않고 전자기기들을 간편하게 충전할 수 있도록 상판에 유무선의 충전기능을 더했다. 배터리를 다 소진하면 태양열 충전을 통해 추가로 전기를 공급할 수 있다. 각각의 알록달록한 플라스틱 파트는 플라스틱 나무를 베어서 만든 상자라는 스토리에서 영감을 얻어 디자인되었다. 이 파트들은 쉽게 분해 조립할 수 있어서 배송 및 보관이 용이하며, 사용자 취향대로 조합이 가능해서 개성있는 스토리지를 만들 수 있도록 하였다.

460 x 390 x 390 (mm)

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