Urban farmer’s Cutlery ︎

This is a 'gardening tool for urban farmers' designed by Creative Design Studio found/Founded. It was designed by reflecting cutlery shapes such as forks and spoons on three seedling shovels and watering can. It contains the idea that future urban agriculture should be expanded not only to grow plants but also to eat.  By making a farming tool that resembles a cutlery on the table, we tried to convey the witty sensibility of found/Founded. It provides visual fun through luxurious metal materials and flexible lines.

크리에이티브 디자인 스튜디오 파운드파운디드에서 디자인한 '도시 농부를 위한 가드닝 도구'이다. 포크, 스푼과 같은 커트러리 형태를 모종삽 3종과 물뿌리개에 반영해 디자인하였다. 앞으로 도시 농업은 식물을 기르는 것에서 끝나지 않고 식사로까지 확장되어야 한다는 생각을 담아냈으며, 식탁 위 도구의 외형을 농기구에 차용해 파운드/파운디드만의 위트 넘치는 감성을 전하고자 하였다. 고급스러운 금속 소재와 유려한 라인을 살려 시각적인 재미와 함께 기능을 충족시켜준다.

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