A Mirrorless Mirror ︎
Oasis Labs

found/Founded designed the second product lineup of Oasis Labs, a start-up of KAIST, and went on to develop mass production. Realme non-reversing mirror is a mirror that allows you to see yourself as it is. It is designed with harmonious modeling and color that can be a point in the interior. The surface of the product is finished with SF, giving it a luxurious feel.

파운드파운디드는 카이스트의 스타트업 오아시스랩스의 두번째 제품 라인업을 디자인하고 양산 개발까지 진행하였다. 리얼미 무반전 거울은 남이 보는 내모습을 그대로 볼 수 있는 거울이다. 인테리어에 조화로운 조형과 포인트가 될 수 있는 컬러감으로 디자인하였다. 제품의 표면은 SF로 마감하여 고급스러운 느낌을 받을 수 있다.

Client : Oasis Labs

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