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Epigram forest is a new collaboration scent between the natural fragrance brand offgray and the daily lifestyle brand epigram, with the concept of wind blowing from the forest. found/Founded designed two products, room spray and essential oil, and an limited edition set package. This is a gradation package that feels like the color penetrates softly, and the scent that melts naturally in the everyday space is visually expressed the silhouette of the grass leaf waving in the wind.

에피그램 숲(epigram forest)은 천연향기 브랜드 오프그레이(offgray)와 데일리 라이프스타일 브랜드 에피그램(epigram)의 새로운 콜라보레이션 향으로, 숲에서 불어오는 바람이라는 컨셉을 가지고 있다. 파운드파운디드는 룸 스프레이, 에센셜 오일 등 제품 2종과 에피그램 한정판 세트 패키지를 디자인하였다. 컬러가 은은하게 스며드는 느낌의 그라데이션 패키지로, 바람에 풀잎이 흔들리는 실루엣을 담아 일상적 공간에 자연스럽게 녹아드는 향기를 시각적으로 표현하였다.


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