2017 MWC, Mobile World Congress
Barcelona, ES

Hosted by the Global System for Mobile Communication Association (GSMA), a coalition of mobile carriers, mobile phone manufacturers and equipment companies around the world. It is the world's largest mobile and information and communication industry exhibition. found/Founded introduced a project conducted with Samsung Electronics at MWC.

전 세계 이동통신사와 휴대전화 제조사 및 장비업체의 연합기구인GSMA(GlobalSystem for Mobile communication Association)가 주최하는 세계 최대 규모의 이동ㆍ정보통신 산업 전시회로, found/Founded는 삼성전자와 함께 진행한 프로젝트를 MWC에서 선보였다.

2017.02.17 - 2017.03.02

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