Loop ︎

‘Loop’ is a soban for one-person, and a modern outline that simplifies multi-faceted and flower-shaped soban, a type of traditional soban, is applied. Aluminum plates of the same shape may be continuously arranged to form legs of various angles, and plates may be added to extend the length. It is manufactured in a prefabricated structure that has a light weight suitable for the purpose of frequent movement of small portable dining and can be easily used by consumers.

‘Loop’는 1인용 소반으로, 전통 소반의 한 종류인 다각반과 화형반을 단순화한 모던한 아웃라인을 적용하였다. 동일한 형태의 알루미늄 판재를 연속적으로 배열하여 다각반의 다리를 형성하고, 판재를 추가하여 길이를 확장할 수 있다. 이동이 잦은 소반의 목적에 알맞게 가벼운 무게를 지녔으며 소비자들이 쉽게 사용할 수 있는 조립식 구조로 제작하였다.

ⓢ small 330 x 330 x 230 (mm) / large 560 x 330 x 230 (mm)
ⓜ Maple wood, Aluminum, Powder coating

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