TE'RVINA Lumiere ︎
ISA KNOX Tervina

Izzanox Tervina is a premium lineup of Izzanox brands. found/Founded designed a treatment and cream container for the 2022 Crystal Edition of Tervina Lumiere. This is a sculpture that emphasizes flawless splendor and light, making it look like a luxurious work.

이자녹스 테르비나는 이자녹스 브랜드의 프리미엄 라인업이다. 파운드파운디드는 테르비나 루미에 2022 크리스탈 에디션의 트리트먼트와 크림 용기를 디자인하였다. 흠결 없는 화려함과 빛을 강조한 조형으로 하나의 럭셔리한 작품처럼 보이도록 하였다.

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