Fire prevention poster ︎
National Fire Agency

found/Found designed fire prevention posters for the National Fire Agency. The theme of "the disappearance of daily life" was expressed in a simple design that was not too dark and could attract attention. Daily conversations through mobile phone messages and friendly emoticon images were used.

파운드파운디드는 소방청 화재예방 포스터를 디자인하였다. 화재로 인한 일상의 소실이라는 주제를 너무 어둡지 않게, 그리고 눈길을 끌 수 있는 간결한 디자인으로 나타내었다. 핸드폰 메시지를 통한 일상적 대화와 친근한 이모티콘 이미지를 활용하였다.

Client : National Fire Agency
Fire prevention poster

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