Bowld ︎
Mini Rice Cooker

It is a small rice cooker designed by found/Founded. It has the shape of a bowl with the upper part wider than the lower part. The upper dial is designed as a way to manipulate the product by placing a stone on it so that the steam from a light pot or pot does not leak out. There is a button o n the back side for tying the wire to keep it organized.

파운드파운디드에서 디자인한 소형 밥솥이다. 윗부분이 밑부분보다 넓은 공기그릇의 형태적 특징을 가지고 있다. 상단부 다이얼은 가벼운 냄비나 솥의 증기가 밖으로 새어 나가지 않도록 돌을 올려두는 행위를 제품을 조작하는 방법으로 디자인하였다. 제품 뒷면에는 전원 코드를 묶을 수 있는 버튼이 숨겨져 코드를 정리할 수 있다.

ⓢ 170 x 170 x 181 (mm) 
ⓜ ABS, Fluoride coating on Aluminum, Silicone rubber

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